The time has come to launch a new era in human sexuality.
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– How humans have only just scratched the surface of their full potential sexually, similar analogy-wise to the belief that we only use 10% of our brain, but in this case on a sexual level.

– How the traditional clitoral and vaginal orgasms that people are usually familiar with are actually only just the tip of the iceberg in terms of scale, strength and intensity.

– How humanity has a lot of catching up to do in their sexual education, especially in regards to the female psyche, female anatomy as well as female orgasms, which in many cases is the equivalent of still being in elementary school when it comes to these topics.

– How countless women worldwide unfortunately have to deal with different kinds of psychological wounds and blockages related to sexuality, and how important it is to heal these facets of the feminine psyche in order for women to overcome these obstacles standing in their way, get rid of the heavy baggage some of them have been carrying, unleash their full potential, and finally start to blossom on all possible levels and get to enjoy the vast extent of profound states of euphoria and states of ecstasy that can be attained once the way has been cleared.

– How sexual issues currently affect millions of men and women (unable to reach climax, having to fake orgasms, premature ejaculation, stale and boring sex lives, etc) which often trigger a vast scale of additional issues (disappointments and unmet expectations, suppressed frustration and anger, decrease in self-esteem and/or appreciation and respect of the partner, which can then sometimes fuel conflicts, fights, domestic abuse, break-ups, etc), which in turn creates far-reaching repercussions, having an effect on the day-to-day lives of countless couples and individuals (which includes the figures who are in charge of shaping and running the complex system we live in), affecting their state of mind, their mood, how they interact with others socially, at work, with their family, etc, which can also make them look for thrills and excitement in other (and sometimes detrimental and/or violent) ways: a long chain of events progressively creating a global domino effect which ends up creating instabilities worldwide on many levels of our society.

But the time has finally come to shift all of this!  To upgrade once and for all our primitive forms of sexuality and bring the game to a whole new level.  The world will never be the same again...


1) clitoral orgasms
    (ideal to warm up the engine and pave the way
      for multiple orgasms later on in higher gears.)

2) vaginal orgasms
3) G-spot orgasms
    (with or without "gushing"/"squirting")
4) "Deep spot"/"A-spot" orgasms
    (via stimulation of the vaginal fornix,
      which is near/around the X-spot/cervix)

5) X-spot orgasms
    (via direct stimulation/massaging of the cervix)

BONUS GIFT: Breast/nipple orgasms!

Additional fields of study: climax surfing, advanced
properties and remote transmission of sexual energy,
pelvic (pubococcygeus) muscle strengthening/workout,
how to heal psychological wounds and blockages, etc.

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